The craziest thing happened last night....

test....then I woke up

this is a test dream....then I woke up

I looked out my window and there was an old lady ghost in a black dress staring at me. Then, eerie music started playing....then I woke up

I invented the colour pink!....then I woke up

Last night no one seemed concerned that there heads had been replaced with balloons with crudely drawn smiley faces on....then I woke up


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I was very confused by the new law stating that all traffic must face the same way regardless of the direction you were travelling. This got especially terrifying when i approached a motorway junction at 60 mph in reverse....then I woke up

If you can see this it works ....then I woke up

I woke up....then I woke up

I registered but the verification mail got tagged as spam...then I woke up....then I woke up

Hey LUKE im on TV!....then I woke up